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Vital Farms sells premium eggs that are pasture-raised, which means that their hens get room to roam, grass to graze, and plenty of sunshine to soak up.

The Opportunity

How can Vital Farms stand out from the other "ethical" egg brands while not sounding like a Sarah McLachlan commercial?

The Solve

Show consumers how Vital Farms hens are raised in a way that is entertaining, not preachy, via a mobile game that allows users to emotionally connect with their own coop of chickens.

Intro Video

The mobile game Fearless Fowl allows users to take care of their own coop of chickens. Users can feed their chickens, play with them, and make them stronger to level them up and liberate other less fortunate chicken coops. Fearless Fowl also keeps the Vital Farms brand in users' minds outside of the point of purchase.

The Game

Home-Screen-min (1).gif

This is your home screen – you’ll see your chickens at Vital Farms, happy and peaceful. Clicking on a chicken will let you feed her, pamper her, and play games with her to make her stronger.


On the coop screen, you can name the chickens in your coop and tap them to see their stats: happiness, strength, and friendship. These stats grow as you care for your chickens.


Every action you do earns you points which you can spend on items to improve your chickens’ lives and make them happier.


Once your hens are strong enough, you can liberate other other farms and free their hens!




A weekly social leaderboard drives competition and reminds users that playing the game benefits a great cause – the Humane Society, which is America’s number one researcher and advocate for chicken welfare.


Product Integration

Specially-marked Vital Farms cartons will contain eggs that have QR codes printed on them with food safe ink. When scanned with the Fearless Fowl app, they provide power-ups to make your coop even stronger.



This OOH introduce passersby to the Fearless Fowl chickens and drives traffic to the website. Using a camera, the video display tracks a nearby person’s movements. This allows the chickens to follow, moving from side to side to mimic the person’s movements. Touching the screen will prompt the nearest chicken to jump up and down in glee and do tricks!

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