The Problem

While Swiss Miss is a top hot cocoa brand, sales slump outside of the wintertime. How do we keep Swiss Miss top of mind the rest of the year?

The Perception

Currently, Swiss Miss is seen as a childhood wintertime treat. That perception is holding the brand back from being seen as a beverage that adults can enjoy all year long.

The Solve

People don’t just need a pick-me-up in the winter – they need them all year round. We’ll position Swiss Miss as the comforting remedy for your everyday struggles.




Swiss Miss would release themed boxes that can offer a pick-me-up throughout the year. We'd release new boxes throughout the year to keep Swiss Miss top of mind year-round, especially during stressful periods like playoff games and the election.

 For Love 

 For Work 

 For Election   Season 

We also updated the cocoa packaging from an awkward envelope to a sleeker, more mature packet.


The marshmallows inside each packet spell out an encouraging message, which compliments the struggle printed on each packet.

Greeting Cards

We'll introduce Swiss Miss greeting cards to give to your friends who are having a rough time. Each card includes an uplifting fact and a packet of Swiss Miss as a pick-me-up.

Social Preroll

Swiss Miss would bring some uplifting facts to social with our "Nice News Reports." 


We'd continue the “Nice News Reports” on radio and Spotify.

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Chrome Extension

We’d roll out a Swiss Miss branded Chrome extension that shares a new uplifting fact whenever you open a new tab. Take that, office blues.

Earned Media

Public figures have it rough. Swiss Miss would brighten their day by sending a custom “Hug in a Mug” mug to celebs who need it: think sports stars, politicians, or snubbed lovers on the Bachelor. The words on the mug changes when a hot beverage is added, revealing the true message.

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