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Sometimes you make ads, and sometimes you get a judge voted out of office or make a board game that gets Hasbro interested.

Recall Judge Persky

In 2015, Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was convicted of three counts of felony sexual assault. Aaron Persky was the judge who sentenced him to only 90 days in jail, and I was the art director who got him voted out of office. For over two years, I was the lead creative on the committee to recall Judge Persky, working with the team in California while I lived in NC and worked a full-time job. Almost every piece of creative you'll see in this video from VICE was something I made. In 2018, Persky was successfully recalled from office, proving to America that grassroots campaigns can make a difference.



Winner of a Gold Cannonball at the 2019 Richmond Ad Club’s Richmond Show

No matter how sneaky the pests in your home are, Terminix can track them down. Bugs are smart, but Terminix is smarter.


Planet Persuasion Game

We were tasked with solving a pretty big problem: people with different political views aren't having productive arguments. We focused on two groups that don't argue well: conservative parents with more liberal children. We solved this...with a space pirate card game. Planet Persuasion educates people on how to have productive conversations and discourse, which promotes better discussion and brings families together.


You're playing as space pirates, using your persuasive skills to pull off a heist or rob the
Galactic Royal Family. Players use Persuasion cards (like "appeal to authority") to inspire their arguments, and the most persuasive argument wins
the round (and some loot!)


This prototype was so successful that we're actually in talks with Hasbro to potentially bring this to market for 2021!

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