Good & Plenty is America’s oldest branded candy. But they’ve been steadily losing ground. How do we get the next generation into “old people candy?" The solution: call it vintage and bring it out of the dusty concession stand and into the culture. Good & Plenty: It’s Like, Vintage.


We redesigned Good & Plenty’s packaging to reflect the aesthetics of decades past. Each box is a nod to a specific decade since Good & Plenty first hit the shelves.

G&P_Packaging_3 copy.jpg

Good & Plenty Mobile

A branded vintage van that dispenses free Good & Plenty and plays retro tunes at food festivals, open-air markets, games, and other outdoor events. Its location would be trackable via Good & Plenty’s Twitter and Instagram.

Candy Dispenser

As a nod to the brand’s history as a classic movie theater candy, we created a vintage candy dispenser that could be situated at outdoor screenings of classic films at parks and museums (which don’t have a typical concessions stand).


Pop-up Speakeasy

Young people love speakeasies. Young people love pop-ups. We’ll combine both into a Good & Plenty-branded bar that we’ll set up at Coachella and other festivals. They’ll need to get the secret password to enter (but don’t worry, it’s on the Good & Plenty Instagram). Inside, they’d find a retro vibe, a DJ spinning vinyl, a polaroid photobooth, and Good & Plenty-inspired cocktails which highlight the candy’s licorice flavor.



Good & Plenty will drop a line of merchandise featuring retro-styled items that are irresistible for any vintage lover. This line will be created in partnership with UNIQLO, which has successfully launched many past collaborations with classic brands.


What’s better than a vintage jacket? A vintage jacket you can brag about discovering at a thrift store.

  1. We create five limited edition vintage jean jackets in partnership with Levi’s, one of America’s oldest denim companies.

  2. We hide them in five thrift stores in NYC, Portland, LA, Richmond and Austin.

  3. When someone finds one, it’s theirs to keep.


From the making of the jacket to the finished product and the lucky winners wearing them, the entire process will be captured on Good & Plenty and Levi’s social media channels. The brands could also consider a partnership with Refinery29 or Hypebeast to further amplify the message.