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The Problem

Idris Elba and the band Solardo were launching their new collaboration—a banger of a song called BIG TALK. But they wanted to create a whole world, not just a track.

The Solve

We created the world’s first Success-Attainment™ brand, called it BIG TALK, and then made it a combination website/TV show/perfume (naturally).

My Role

Art direction, brand design, web design,
product design


The Website

Success-curious individuals could open the portal to the Big Talk experience, and their own future success, on the Big Talk website. Here, each and every user is invited to unlock the financial juggernaut within thanks to the full suite of Big Talk products and resources.

Complete with a full line of products and ideas, testimonials and success stories, crypto-investment opportunities, and a sizable legal disclaimer—all art directed by yours truly.

But don’t take our word for it. Reach your fullest potential at

Big Talkers

Music Video Director: Jamie-James Medina
Music Video Design: Fons Schiedon
UI/Design/Development: ED.
Label: Ultra Records
Music: Solardo
Lyrics: Idris Elba

ECD: Graham Douglas, Spencer Lavallee
Sr. CW: Nick Garfield
Sr. AD: Shelby Bass
Design: Angelique Francis

Success: YOU

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