Atlas Obscura is the definitive online guide to the world’s hidden wonders, with a huge archive of weird, macabre and spooky destinations.

The Problem

Atlas Obscura currently lacks both a brand voice and visual identity. We want to take Atlas Obscura from a website to a travel brand with personality.

The Opportunity

We give Atlas Obscura an enemy: ordinary vacations. Say goodbye to boring walking tours, selfie sticks, and taking the same instagram photo of the Statue of Liberty as everyone else. 


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New Orleans Print

New York Print

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Video Content

App Design 

Atlas Obscura doesn’t have an app, which gave us the perfect opportunity to create a platform that helps users locate and check off locations more easily.

Badge Design


We also introduced a badge system in the app, which gamifies the travel experience and encourages users to explore even more. For example, the “Bone Tired” badge is awarded if the user checks into five or more locations in a day. 

AR Experience

A lot of Atlas Obscura locations are so obscure that don’t have signage. An augmented reality audio tour within the app gives the user context for the place that they’re exploring, highlighting odd and interesting facts.

 Tarot  Deck 

Those who are drawn to the mysterious world of tarot would be able to combine the art of travel with the art of fortune-telling. Each card of the major arcana is inspired by a location found on Atlas Obscura. The cards can also be used as Instagram posts.