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I got well acquainted with problems during art school. How do I communicate an idea visually? What sort of art gets people excited? How do I build a metal sculpture taller than me with no money? Answer: Dumpster Diving.


Being able to link a specific business problem with smart, strategic, beautiful creative is why I love advertising. Perfect example: how do we get the people who actually buy a guy’s body wash (their wives and girlfriends) to buy Old Spice? Answer: Isaiah Mustafa on a horse. 


Solving business problems with a tight insight and great visuals is what makes both halves of my brain happy.

Things I've Done:

  • Accidentally reinvented multi-level marketing while selling Shrinky-Dinks on the playground in third grade

  • Put together an art show that was so bad that it probably cost my undergraduate art department donors

  • Made a card game that got Hasbro interested

  • Took down the California judge who sentenced Stanford swimmer Brock Turner

  • Named and helped launch UNC's first LGBTQ alumni network

  • Won a karaoke contest using a silver blazer and a kazoo

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